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Join our Star Citizen Community Group and traverse the cosmos together! Engage in epic space battles, explore uncharted territories, and build your legacy among the stars with Decimation Games. Your interstellar journey starts here!

About Star Citizen

Embark on a boundless space odyssey with Star Citizen! Developed by Cloud Imperium Games, Star Citizen is a cutting-edge space simulation game that offers players the opportunity to explore a vast universe, engage in interstellar battles, and live the life of an intrepid spacefarer.

About Decimation Games Star Citizen Community

Greetings, spacefarers! The Decimation Games Star Citizen community invites you to traverse the cosmos and join our ranks in the stars. Together, we navigate the limitless reaches of space, undertaking daring missions and forging our destiny among the stars.

What Sets Us Apart

  • Limitless Exploration: From asteroid belts to uncharted planets, our community embraces the thrill of exploration, uncovering the mysteries of the cosmos.
  • Unified Squadrons: Join fellow pilots in forming squadrons, engaging in epic space battles, and defending our territories from the unknown.
  • Diverse Professions: Whether you’re a seasoned trader, a skilled pilot, or an ambitious explorer, there’s a place for every profession within our Star Citizen community.

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Ready to Soar Among the Stars? Join Us in Star Citizen!

For any inquiries or to connect with our fleet leaders, feel free to reach out. The galaxy awaits, and together, we’ll make our mark among the constellations!